How to Tell Whether Your Dog is Suffering

When a dog changes demeanor and starts licking and biting itself more often than normal, you should be concerned. Observe it closely and check whether there are some noticeable changes. If on the following day its skin gets rougher and there is continuous biting and general discomfort on your dog, it is important you take action. However, before you take any robust action like visiting your vet, check the hygienic condition of the kennel. Check whether the bedding is clean and whether there is evidence of any parasites. Check whether the kennel is damp and after confirming the condition of the kennel is okay, you are a step closer to confirming that your dog is suffering from another skin condition.

Look closely at the skin of the dog. Check whether it has been infested by ticks, fleas or lice. It is important before you even start checking it, recall the last time your dog was treated for such parasites. Check whether it passed through pastures that had irritant plants like thorn apples. Check whether there are swellings or even bruises on the skin. If none of the above is present consider whether you recently introduced a new kind of food that could be causing some allergies on its skin.

In case you confirm your worry when it comes to foods, probably you fed it on a totally different diet, consider feeding it on what it’s used to. Introduce essential fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants like vitamin E on the diet. These serve to reduce the allergy and the itchiness on the skin of your dog. Incase you confirm a problem or maybe all these checks did not bear fruits for the second or third day and the condition of the skin is escalating, consider visiting a vet for check up. Chances are your dog is suffering from a skin condition for instance Dermatitis.