Most Vicious Dog Breeds

While some dogs are quite mild, there are some terribly dangerous breeds that are regarded as the best guard dogs. They are double faced; one being a friendly one especially only to the owner and on the other hand, an aggressive, terribly dangerous face especially to strangers. To slightly befriend a vicious dog, a hint is; feed it – just a by the way.

There are some vicious breeds of canines that you ought to keep away from, some of which are known for their aggression towards strangers. Learn the most dangerous dogs you can have for your ultimate security below.

Pit bulls types; these are at least the top most dangerous breed of dogs in the world. They are the most sought after for their terrifying stature, fearlessness and tireless fighting. They are also strong breeds that can attack any kind of intruder and they are also incredibly brave.

German Shepherds; anyone who has ever seen military in action with dogs has seen a German shepherd. It is quite a common breed owing to its trainability, fearlessness and ability to learn, making them one of the best guard dogs.

Rottweiler; the problem with this breed of dog is hostility. If poorly trained, it can turn into a hostile dog and therefore it needs quite some intense training on how to avert and always control its viciousness, and to release it when absolutely necessary. It is famous for its immense power.

Huskies; Huskies are large, territorial dogs that confront any intruder viewed as a threat. Avoiding them is the way to be safe. They were historically trained for work and therefore not ideal as guard dogs.

Dalmatians; although quite spotted-beautiful, they are dangerous at the slightest provocation and are destructive too when idle or angry.