Right Breed of Guard Dog

Dogs are generally categorized in breeds. Each breed is special and adapted for specific purpose. It is thus very important to learn what type of dog breed you want to acquire with regards to the needs you have. Some breeds are more vicious, other docile, others trainable, big bodied, small and others friendly.

But what are the purposes that you want your dog to accomplish? We look at security as the main reason, companion, sledging, hunting, guarding other domestic animals, sometimes for breeding, scientific research or even dog fight contests and so on.

That said though, there are several people who acquire the best breeds of dog but for the wrong purpose all together. For instance, a number of people confess to have bought a poodle or Pekingese with an aim of guarding their home only to realize the dogs are bester as pets.

Others went ahead and acquired an Australian shepherd or Dalmatian with an aim of getting a welcome home companion only to realize that the dog must first learn who is a new guest and who is a member of that home before attacking. Therefore whenever you are looking forward to acquire a dog, it’s imperative you define your needs.

Further on, even with the needs defined, you will be interested to know there are better breeds of dog that can apply for each category of needs than others. If your aim is to tighten security at home, you may need to consider a confirmation of the extent of safety required. Guard dogs breeds that can apply here are very diverse, with others offering high level protection and others just superficial.

Incase you are looking for a nice companion pet dog, you may need to consider the docile types, something easy to walk around with in the house; a pet easy to get along with every member of the house.