When Your Dog is Unwell

Having a dog as a pet can be pretty exciting. It is a very good companion and a good friend. However, your dog can get sick and this can be very frustrating. It is important to know when your dog’s health is not right. It can be difficult to tell but there are basic symptoms you can watch out for in your dog. One of the most common symptoms is decreased performance. When your dog is sick, it will display very little activity. Depending on how active your dog is, this is one symptom that is not difficult to notice. Another one is loss of appetite. You may notice that your dog is suddenly eating less or not eating at all. This can be a cause for concern. Have your dog checked out by a veterinarian to make sure it is not serious.

Your dog may also start to vomit constantly. It is quite normal for your dog to vomit once in a while but if he does so severally, especially in one day, something is wrong. You may also find that your dog is scratching all the time. Sometimes this may be due to ticks and fleas but it can also be due to some infection your dog has acquired. If you know that your dog is always clean and then suddenly he can’t stop scratching, it may be something serious. Arthritis is very common in dogs and this can start out as just stiff muscles and joints. If you see your dog having trouble staying up or rising form the couch, then it is time to have him checked. Always keep an eye out for these and other symptoms that may develop in your dog. The key to keeping your dog healthy at all times is to ensure that you take him to a veterinarian.